Window Cleaning in Connolly

Giving your Connolly Homes some sparkle!

Our Connolly window cleaning service includes all windows throughout your entire home, inside and out.

Connolly was built in the late 1980s as a golf course estate. Its eastern border backs onto the Mitchell Freeway. Many homes feature on the edges of Connolly but the homes bordering the Golf Course are generally larger and more affluent. The suburb was named in honour of John Connolly who held land in the area in 1838. Joondalup based 'Absolute Window cleaning' offers an amazing residential window cleaning service in the Northern suburbs of Perth. Ph 0426 847 537 for an 'over the phone' quote. If your windows are high, large, small or just hard to get to, it’s no problem, we can clean them all. As well as cleaning the inside and outside of each window, we also clean the window frames and remove and clean the screens. In our quest for excellent Customer Care, our technicians will provide you with courteous, efficient and on-time service.

Your satisfaction is our goal! All precautions to protect your property will be taken. Our service technicians will also make recommendations to you, on how to make sure your window cleaning service can be performed in a matter that limits the dangers to your family, pets and any other persons present during residential window cleaning service. Environmentally safe soap is used to clean glass. If your windows require extra attention such as water stain, construction debris or paint removal please bring it to the attention of your servicemen.

Additional glass cleaning services are available too. We also clean mirrors, glass cabinets and glass tables! We only use professional squeegees and specialized tools to clean glass. You can be assured that the streaky look, left by paper towels and spray chemicals will be a thing of the past. Give us a call to schedule your appointment TODAY!.